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Map data is of most recent State legislature races in highlighted states.

Hover over a state for competitive snapshot. Click for more info.

*States in Yellow have unique 2017 campaigns – click for more info! 

**States in Gray traditionally vote Democrat, do not have State Legislature elections in 2017/18, or have no competitive State Legislature races by our metric. 

What Is Adoption?

Adopting a state is FREE. Adoption is your visual support for Democrats fighting on the conservative front lines. When you adopt a state it’ll post on Facebook and you can tell folks why you adopted them! Once a month we’ll send you an email update on the political happenings in your adopted state. We’ll also include volunteer opportunities and specific ways to get involved whether it’s through the state Democratic Party or one of our Allies.

What We Are

A Method

We’re the grassroots 50-State Strategy redistributing money and attention from Blue States to Red States.

We’re a low-effort, high-impact engagement concept – great for folks too busy to volunteer!

Once a month we’ll update you on your adopted states politics, too in case you decide you want to get more active.

Data Center

We provide easy-to-read previous election data on a Red State’s closest races where a Democrat lost.

Our competitive criteria is simple: GOP candidate won no more than 55% of the votes and the Democrat won at least 45%*.

*We aren’t experts. As a State’s election gets closer we will feature targeted districts as chosen by more advanced research. 

Party Animals

We arrange Happy Hours, house parties and other events on the East and West Coast to support local Democrats outside the liberal bubble.

Let us know if your favorite bar will host one or if you’d like to host a party!


We’re building online social networks of Red State Expats and helping them develop a support system for their home state.

Let us know if you want to start one – we’ll help!

Not a PAC

We don’t take donations or handle any money.

We connect engaged citizens and their wallets to state Democratic Parties, allied organizations or candidates in need!

Strategy Nerds

Adopt-A-State is a strategy and backbone to support it.

We love writing about strategy so we post our thoughts for anyone to read!

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