What Are You? Who Is Your Target?

We’re targeting the activist, but even more so their friends who want to help “the movement,” but tend to flake out on canvassing, phone-banking or volunteering. We are an effective, passive engagement concept.

We arm you with the information and the channels for your small dollar donations to make the largest impact on the progressive/liberal movement nationwide. We are rebuilding the party from the ground up by redistributing resources from dense liberal areas to Red States in order to build up State Democratic Parties, rebuild their political benches, and to help elect down-ballot Democrats.

Why State Legislatures?

State Legislature races are inexpensive compared to Federal or Statewide races. Your $5 means more at this level.

State Legislatures, particularly in Red States, are where Democrats “build their bench” for Statewide and/or Federal races.

Shouldn’t We Be Focusing On Congress!?

Adopting a state helps Democrats make gains in Congress, too. State Legislature candidates get to know their districts intimately. Boosting a State Legislature candidate’s campaign will help drive turnout for Democrats up and down the ticket.

How Are You Different From ______?


Swing Left: We don’t focus on Congressional races.

Sister District: We don’t organize volunteers.

Flippable: We’re agnostic to flipping a chamber – we want to win seats all over Red States.

Resurgent Left: We don’t organize volunteers or handle money.

Code Blue: We don’t organize volunteers.

Run For Something: We don’t help you learn how to run for office.

Spread The Vote: We don’t help folks get IDs to vote.



Can I Adopt More Than One State?

Yep. You’ll get one email a month about a state you adopt. Adopt more than one state and you’ll get an email each month about each state!

Why Are You Missing…..?

Louisiana and Mississippi don’t have their State Legislature elections until 2019.

Ohio doesn’t have competitive State Legislature seats by our metrics.

We are looking for ways for folks to help down-ballot Democrats in those states. We’ll keep you posted!

Where Does My Money Go?

We link you to the State Party, a candidate’s campaign, or an allied organization. The donation links send you away from our page and to those organization’s pages. Transparency is crucial and we want to make it clear: we’re not a PAC and we don’t give out money! We’re an information portal and an engagement concept to help Democrats!

We do our best to identify specific projects that a State Democratic Party is working on so you can know firmly where your dollars are being spent. If a State Democratic Party announces an organizing drive and fundraising push, we’d direct you there so that your money has a more tangible outcome.


Don’t You Folks Need Money?

Eventually. However, we don’t want your small dollar donations right now. We’re blessed to have flexible 40-hour a week jobs that allow us to multi-task and get this project off the ground. One day we might ask for contributions to help offset our out-of-pocket costs. For what it’s worth, we’ve invested probably 400+ volunteer hours in the last 9 weeks and over $2,500 into this. We’re blessed/privileged and for now want to put it work for those in need.

We’d rather a rich person or institution invest in our project and let us quit our day jobs to do this full time. If you are a rich person or institution and are curious about funding our project (We’re cheap dates, promise!) please use the contact form on the home page.

Social Media Presence?

Damn right.

Join our Facebook Group here. Follow us on Twitter @winthestates.


Can I Help?

I don’t know, can you? #DadJokes

Please don’t leave.

Of course you can help! If you’re a writer we’d love essays on Red State issues, interviews with folks making a difference, allied organizations and happenings. If you’re a party animal we’d love for you to throw a party and let us know so we can promote it or help or attend. If you’re a Red State Expat living in a Blue State we definitely want your help in organizing Red State Expat social networks to help out Democrats back home.